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The Chasing Daylight Project.

Success in running isn't just about logging the most miles and winning all the medals—it's about maintaining a healthy body and a positive mindset. My mission is to turn training into a lifestyle, and to bring together the necessary elements of success in an accessible, sustainable way.  

If general fitness and weight loss are your goals, it's not just about getting as lean as possible as fast as possible. There is a lot that goes into long term success. My goal is to get you there healthy and happy, in a way that you can practice for life.

The Chasing Daylight Project was born of my own experience. I have been a runner for 16 years. I've experienced many victories, won a race or two, and had great success. But I have also experienced injuries, set backs, and long recovery periods. All of these experiences have led me here... ready to help you. 



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About Jamie
aka Chasing_Daylight_

•Registered Nurse

•Certified Holistic Nurse Coach

•Certified Naturopathic Nurse •200hr certified Yoga Instructor

• T. Colin Campbell Certified in Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition

•McMillan Run Team Coaching (coming soon)



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I firmly believe that our food should fuel us and create enjoyment.

Eating should not be stressful. Nutrition is highly personal and should be customized to the individual. 

Schedule a consult to discuss the path that aligns best with your needs. 


Run Coaching

Run coaching based around the concept if we train slow, we race fast.

I use the 80/20 running method and

McMillian Training Principles in my Run Plans. 

Online and in-person coaching available.

Couch 2 5k training group coming soon! Stay tuned. 

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Strength Training

Whether your a runner, a body builder, an athlete, or someone wanting to lose weight...strength training is essential.


1-1 session, small group training, and DIY strength plans are available now. 


Also check out my FIT classes at Indigo Vybe. 


Recovery is an absolute. 

One of the best ways I have found to aide recovery is practicing Hot Yoga.


Just 1 or 2 sessions a week increases core strength, balance, flexibility and helps with mindset. 

Join me at Indigo Vybe for Hot 26 and watch for Yoga in the Park events in the Spring and Summer. 

Link to schedule is below. 


1st Session is Free!


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